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by Mary Ansell, Copyright © 2001

One day, while Tianji was tidying up, he found a postage stamp on the floor. He picked up the stamp and saw that on it was a picture of a book. The title of the book was "The Art of Magic." Tianji found this strange. Where had the stamp come from? After he had finished tidying up, he started reading one of his favourite "Fat Cat" books, meanwhile glancing from time to time at the stamp. Could it be that the stamp had magic power? After he had finished reading one of the stories in the book, he put the stamp between the pages to act as a bookmark, and closed the book.

He heard a voice say, "Heavens! Where am I?"

Tianji looked up and saw Fat Cat sitting on the sofa! Fat Cat asked, "Who are you?"

Tianji answered delightedly, "I am Tianji, and you are Fat Cat! I'm sure that the stamp has magic power! I put the stamp into the Fat Cat book, and you immediately appeared."

Fat Cat smiled and said, "I'm also very happy. However, right now I am very hungry. Let's go for a walk and look for something to eat." Tianji agreed.

At first they couldn't find anything to eat. Then, suddenly, they saw a little sparrow. Fat Cat's eyes lit up, and he said, "Sparrows are very tasty!"

But Tianji loved animals and birds. He pulled Fat Cat by the hand and said, "No! You mustn't catch the sparrow. I'm sure we'll be able to find something else to eat."

The sparrow, hearing this, said warmly, "Thank you, Tianji, you are very good. Just wait a moment; I can help you." The sparrow flew away, but quickly returned and gave Tianji several beautiful, ripe berries.

"Thank you!" said Tianji. He and Fat Cat ate the berries, and found them very delicious.

However Fat Cat still felt very hungry. Suddenly they saw a little squirrel. Fat Cat's mouth watered. He said, "Squirrel meat is extremely tasty!"

But Tianji held onto Fat Cat's hand and said, "No! You mustn't catch the squirrel."

Hearing this, the squirrel said, "Thank you, Tianji, you are very good. Please wait a minute, and I will help you."

The squirrel ran away, but quickly returned and gave Tianji several beautiful nuts.

"Thank you!" said Tianji. He and Fat Cat ate the nuts, and found them extremely delicious.

However Fat Cat was still very hungry. Suddenly they saw a crow. Fat Cat purred with satisfaction, and said, "Crow meat doesn't taste very good. However ..."

But Tianji held fast to Fat Cat's hand and said, "No! You mustn't catch the crow."

On hearing this, the crow said, "Caw! Caw! Thank you, Tianji. If the two of you are hungry, I advise you to go to the mayor's house. Right now a party is being held there. Everyone can go, and everyone can eat pizza!"

"Thank you!" said Tianji.

"Don't mention it," replied the crow.

Tianji and Fat Cat went to the mayor's party. Sure enough, everyone was eating pizza! The pizza was most delicious! Tianji ate three pieces of pizza, and Fat Cat happily ate seven pieces.

After Fat Cat had eaten his fill, he felt very satisfied. He said, "Dear Tianji, you are a very good friend. Right now I feel very tired. I would like to go home, so that I can sleep on my own bed. Please reverse the magic, so that I can go home."

They went back to Tianji's place. Tianji said, "I think that if I take the stamp out of the book, you will be able to return home."

Fat Cat shook Tianji's hand and said, "Good-bye! I hope we will soon meet again."

"We will!" replied Tianji.

As soon as Tianji removed the stamp from the book, Fat Cat disappeared. Tianji thought, "Next time, what shall we do? I know. We will go to a book store together, and find some wonderful books!"

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